Number of pieces in package:12
Number of packages in master carton:8

For Coconut, we exclusively use RITTER SPORT Alpine Milk Chocolate with a cocoa content of 30%. Its strong milk flavour harmonises perfectly with the fruity mildness of the Ghanaian cocoa, thus guaranteeing an especially intensive taste experience. The long conching time of the Ghanaian cocoa beans gives the crunchy Alpine Milk Chocolate an additional fine honey-caramel flavour, and ensures that this Coconut variety has a truly full taste. Here's a fun fact: To open a coconut, it’s best to hit it carefully along the upper edge of the nut with the pointed side of a hammer. This was too boring for one German man. He holds the world record for breaking coconuts with a well-aimed karate chop. His unbelievable record: 111 coconuts in just one minute.


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